JACKAL 200 (PAK200-1)
JACKAL 200 (PAK200-1)
4 Speed Manual W/Reverse, Front 10”/ Rear 9” Wheels, Front/Rear Disc Brakes;


Product Details

Engine 200cc, ZS165FML,ZS
Transmission Chain (13T-41T KMC520H)
Drive type Chain
Belt and or chain size 520H 94L
Starter System Electric
Fuel system Gasoline, 1.58gal, carbureted
Brake (Front/Rear) Disc/ Disc
Tire size(Front/Rear) Front10
Wheel size and type(Front/Rear) Front 10;Rear 9, steel
Oil capacity and type (in liters) 0.8L, Air cooled motorcycle oil with clutch additive
Gear oil type and capacity( in liters) N/A
Battery 12V/9Ah
Light Standard Lights
Suspension(Front/Rear) 13.59 in Non-adjustble;15.35 in Adjustable
Dimensions(in inch) Assembled(LxWxH): 66.14x44.89x33.86, Crated(LxWxH): 63.78x43.39x42.13, Seat height:31.5, Wheelbase:43
Weight 600 lbs
weight capacity 187 lbs
Ground Clearance (in inch) 3.74
Assembly Require Front and rear wheels, fender flares, handlebars, front bumper,
Any special features
EPA/carb approved Yes/No