300cc, Water Cooled, Automatic with Reverse, Front Disc Brake, Rear Dual Disc Brake, Automatic. Some parts might be slightly different than pictures due to different batches of products.

Specifications MSRP $5250.00

*Prices do not include destination or dealer setup fees

Engine 300cc,1P73MN, JinLang
Transmission Automatic
Drive type Belt/Chain
Belt and/or chain size Chain: 530H 58L, Belt: 856*23*32
Starter System Electric start / pull start
Fuel system Gasoline, 3.2gal, carbureted
Brakes (Front/Rear) Disc/Dual disc
Tire size(Front/Rear) 130/60-13 ; 190/50-12
Wheel size and type(Front/Rear) 13/12, Aluminum
Oil capacity and type (in liters) 1.75 L, 10w40 non-synthetic engine oil
Gear oil type and capacity( in liters) GL-3, 0.75L
Battery 12V/12Ah
Lights Standard Lights
Suspension(Front/Rear) Dual Telescopic Forks / Dual Shock
Dimensions(in inches) Assembled(LxWxH): 92.5x41.3x44.9, Crated(LxWxH): 94.4x44.8x47.2, Seat height: 36.2, Wheelbase: 74.8
Weight 820 lbs
Weight capacity 441 lbs
Ground clearance (in inches) 5.9
Assembly required Rear wheels, rear fender, mirrors, windshield, rear trunk bracket, trunk,battery
Special features Include: digital speedometer, horn, trunk, odometer, windshield, mirrors
EPA approved EPA Approve

Metallic Black Metallic Silver Metallic Blue Metallic Burgundy

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